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Company Details

HOFFMANN Fördertechnik GmbH Wurzen (Liftket)

Dresdener Strasse 64-68
D-04808 Wurzen

Tel: +49 (0) 3425 8924 0
Fax: +49 (0) 3425 8924 99

E-mail: sales@liftket.de

Website: http://www.liftket.de

Company Information

HOFFMANN Fordertechnik GmbH was set up in 1948 and has concentrated on the manufacture of chain hoists since 1952. Today they offer a wide range of single and double fall electric chain hoists up to 25tons. A young and motivated team of designers and engineers do all the development work in house and are keen on converting the standard versions to special customer's requirements. The manufacturing facility in Wurzen (south of Berlin) is equipped with state of the art tool machines. All the mechanical parts, shafts, gears and machining of the castings is done solely in Wurzen. A comprehensive stock of all the raw materials and supplied parts ensures short delivery time, best quality and short reaction time on special tailored design requirements. HOFFMANN sells their LIFTKET - brand hoists via a network of agents throughout the world. They subsequently add new partners for countries or areas where they are still not present. We invite you to try LIFTKET hoists and experience their quality, performance and availability of competitively priced spare parts.

Products and Services

  • Electric Chain Hoist for Entertainment Industry
  • Electric Chain Hoists